Kessil A500X Tuna Blue LED Aquarium Light



Wide Coverage, Deep Penetration
Higher Photon Volume Density
Advanced Color Control
Light Shaping Capability
Smart Communication & Control

The A500X is a powerful 185W high intensity LED designed specifically for experienced SPS coral growers. The beam of this flagship A500X can be adjusted with included 55 degree reflector, or with the optional 35 degree reflector, allowing you to deliver the light at the proper spectrum and intensity for optical SPS coral growth, health, and coloration.

Recommended Coverage – 36″ x 36″ for SPS Dominant Systems

Tuna Blue

Perfect for reef tanks. The Tuna Blue is capable of producing light from a rich deep blue all the way to bright natural daylight. Kessil has been tuning the Dense Matrix LEDs to bring out the best growth and coloration in corals. The adjustable spectrum lets you choose the color you want to see, while Kessil Logic ensures a balanced spectrum and power output.

Superior Illumination

Coverage – The newly designed A500X optics along with the latest generation Dense Matrix LED array to provide a broad delivery of light and eliminate shading.

Spectrum – The well-known Tuna Blue spectrum has been proven by its users to promote coral growth and enhance coloration. With Kessil Logic, it ensures consistent power output and coral growth across the tunable spectrum.

Shimmer – The Kessil shimmer effect gives your tank a beautiful, natural, sunlit look comparable to the shimmer of a Metal Halide fixture. It is like replicating your own piece of the ocean.

Penetration – Kessil’s Patented Dense Matrix LED technology concentrates multiple LED chips into a single array, creating a powerful and penetrating light source with wide coverage. The standard 110 degree reflector can reach 24″ beyond the water’s surface in most reefs. Penetration can be further enhanced by using the narrow 55 or 35 degree reflectors, reaching as far as 4 feet below the surface.

Color Mixing – Different wavelengths are seamlessly blended within a single LED array, emitting uniform color across the coverage range, and reducing individual color separation to almost nothing.


Full-Color Spectrum – In addition to the popular Tuna Blue spectrum, users can add in Red, Green, and Purple (Violet+Indigo) by using the new Spectral Controller X or the Kessil WiFi Dongle.

Heat Management – The innovative heat management system enhances longevity and efficiency on all A500X lights

Dense Matrix LED – Kessils densely-packed LED array emits more high-quality light than competing fixtures.


Wireless – The Kessil WiFi Dongle lets you control any A500X light without the need of additional cords or hardware. The WiFi Dongle will plug right into the K-Link connector and let you connect directly to the light with any Android or iOS phone. The intuitive app boasts a ton of features that lets you do everything from daily automated programming to manual programming for photoshoots or just showing off your reef tank.

Hardwired – The Kessil Spectral Controller X is packed with features that let you simulate the natural rise and fall of the sun throughout the day. You do not necessarily need the Spectral Controller X, but adding it to your A500X lights will unlock additional features and modes that give you endless customization of the lights for your aquarium. You can even connect multiple Kessil A500X LED Lights together for larger tanks with the K-Link Cable to create a seamless day-cycle between all the lights.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 3.7″ x 5.2″ / 9.4cm x 13.3cm
Unit Weight: 1.72lb / 0.78kg
Spectrum: Tuna Blue + Red + Green + Purple
Power Adapter: 100-240V AC 50-60Hz (input), 48V DC (output)
Power Consumption: AC 185W max


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