APEX Neptune Systems Leak Detection Kit


Detects leaks on contact and instantly alerts you via your mobile device
No programming needed
Includes two probes and the Flow Monitoring Module
logo-neptune-systems.jpgSay goodbye to the potential of serious water damage from a leaky aquarium with the Neptune Systems Leak Detection Kit.

The kit consists of two probes and the Flow Monitoring Module. When the probes come in contact with water, the apparatus immediately alerts you of the leak by sending a message to your mobile device.

The FMM includes two extra ports, so you can customize it with additional probes, or optional sensors and accessories.

The kit installs in less than five minutes and there’s absolutely no programming required.

More Information
Set Up
Plug the FMM Module into your Apex. Plug the included AquaBus cable into the FMM and then plug it into any free AquaBus port on our Apex System.
Plug in the leak detection proves. The LDK comes with two Leak Detection Probes. Simply connect them to the FMM module and then place them in locations you think most likely to get wet first when a leak occurs.
Run the LDK Task in Apex Fusion. There is a specific task in Apex Fusion that will take you stp-by-step through the remainder of the install process. No programming required.

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Weight 7 lbs


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