AI Prime 16 SOL Reef Aquarium LED, White


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A decade ago AI released the first aquarium LED light that proved LED technology was ready to grow coral – the AI Sol. With blue and white LEDs the Sol’s spectrum provides enough energy at the blue peaks while the white LEDs fill the rest of the spectrum that coral needs to survive and thrive. A decade of LED advancement and the same proven output can be produced from the attractive and compact Prime Sol. The bonus being that giving up some of the color rendition present in current wide spectrum fixtures means less channels and less cost. The Prime Sol is both a nod to the heritage of the AquaIllumination brand’s first LED fixture and also an answer for those looking for a no frills coral growing solution.

Prime Time:
• Fully programmable including channel control, intensity and timing from your smartphone. (myAI®)
• BLE onboard – no additional hardware required for programmable control.
• Onboard button control for basic adjustment.
• Utilize all current Prime Mounting Hardware including – Prime Mount, Prime Flex Arm 12”, Prime Flex Arm 18” and the Prime hanging Kit.
• Add them to your myAI profile and create a schedule to coordinate with other AI fixtures.

Water resistance is a major benefit in aquarium lighting – and while the new Primes are not waterproof, design improvements make them more capable of facing the moisture rich adventures of reef keeping.

Mounting hardware as previously available for Prime fixtures will work with the new version lights. The Flex arm bracket will change with the new fixtures. Older flex arms being used to mount the new lights will need a new light bracket.

Dimensions: 4.88 x 4.88 x 1.3in
Wattage: NA
# of LEDS: 12
Color Channels: 3
– 4 Cool White
– 4 Blue
– 4 Royal Blue

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Weight 7 lbs


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